Fun Run Application

With the Fun Run app, you are able to play this online multiplayer game with your friends and use cool tools and weapons. This game is actually a race between 4 racers; all of them are cute little animals from the forest. To get first to the finish line, you’ll need to use your weapons at the other players, and hold them back as you run for the win.

Fun Run is available both for iOS devices, and Android ones.
In the fun run app, you can also use the coins you have earned playing fun run, to buy all sorts of upgrades, creatures, weapons and more, though it is not necessary to buy them in order to play.

Fun Run App

Fun Run app

Fun Run is a very addicting game, especially if you play regularly with your friends. You can always play with 3 other random players. Fun Run is also really competitive, and allows you to enjoy you time playing this app. The down side is that there is still no Fun Run for PC.